Present state of Tobacco Production


Globally, many countries have low productivity and quality of yield. Drastically decreasing production with reduced leaf quality is been main concern in Tobacco cultivation

Too often, water is applied in a haphazard manner with little regard to the water needs of the crop

Leaf expansion and internode elongation are often severely restricted if adequate water is not available

Excessive water will leach some fertilizer nutrients below the root zone and may result in lower yield and quality of the crop

Low rates of return of investment

Highly labour-intensive operation requiring an average of 250 man-days per acre

How cultYvate optimizes Tobacco Production

  • With cultYvate smart system, It will be possible to irrigate even a small segment of the area of tobacco by reducing water use by 50%.
  • Through cultYvate fertigation system, Plant roots will have a greater ability to absorb water and nutrients by increasing yield up to 55%
  • Insures good leaf spread and improve yield and quality.
  • Improvement in physical and chemical quality attributes including lower levels of harmful constituents like TSNA, tar etc.