Irrigation Advisory

Irrigation decisions made  cost-effective with cultYvate’s IOT solution

The cultYvate system is built with custom-made minimal hardware components and integrated with advanced multi-point soil moisture sensing technology that can communicate with the cloud to provide automatic alerting to farmers for necessary interventions to be made at the farm.

These alerts are designed to be delivered to the farmer via local language IVR options and SMS.

The system can resend alerts if it is noticed that the farmer has not performed a necessary and timely action. Further delays send notifications to support staff to help farmers.

Hardware Components

Hardware Components


Gateway is an intelligent, performant and configurable LoRaWAN device for smart IoT applications. It connects sensors & controllers to the network server on the cloud. It is a open source single channel Long Range Wide Area Network Gateway, allowing users to send data and reach extremely long ranges.

cultYvate gateways are highly reliable, secure, gives maximum uptime and comes with different coverage range/capacities to meet end user needs.

Our product range includes 3 variants –

  • Basic Gateway – connects upto 40 devices within a radius of 800 meters
  • Medium Range Gateway – connects close to 200 devices within a radius of 2 kms,
  • High-Power Gateway – connects upto 1000 devices within a radius of 4 kms.


  • Easily configurable to any 3G/4G network or Ethernet
  • Suitable to individual and/or community-based installations
  • Ensures maximum uptime
  • Real-time alerts on gateway performance
  • Remote troubleshooting & assistance
  • Low power consumption
  • Firmware upgrade via Web
  • Software upgradable via network


The compact sensor can be inserted directly into the growing medium with minimal disturbance to roots or shoots.

The Soil Moisture Sensor Module determines the amount of soil moisture by measuring the resistance between two metallic probes that is inserted into the soil to be monitored.

This is used to signal irrigation alert when a plant needs watering.


Sensor Level  Single, 4-Point or Multilevel
Moisture range  5% to fully saturated soil
Accuracy  ±5%
Operational temperature  -40℃  to 85℃

CultYvate Applications

  • cultYvate Web Application is a dedicated omnichannel platform to provide a complete insight of Farmer & Geomapped field information.
  • The application facilitates cultYvate backend agronomists to manage farm activities more efficiently & effectively.
  • The app platform integrates into smart farming systems providing growers access to their devices.
  • The app allows backend agronomists to identify crop nutrient deficiencies, and get product recommendations.
  • Enhanced notifications and alerts engine : our app can notify farmers with IoT smart systems updates.
  • cultYvate farmer application allows farmers to gain access to crucial aspects of their smart farming systems.
  • Combining on-farm hardware, easy-to-use software, digital agronomy, AI-driven analytics & unbeatable support, we ensure that farmers are provided with up-to-date information about their farms.
  • The app also captures key field data and allow you to track key activities such as harvesting, spraying and planting.
  • The app publishes region specific weather data presenting details on temperature, humidity, precipitation & sunshine
  • It also features include farm-oriented management practices with a simple and fast way of planning, monitoring & tracking all farm activities.
  • The farmers can easily take crop advisory help from cultYvate backend experts using this app
  • cultYvate field officer application is dedicately built to connect cultYvate field officers with farmers virtually.
  • It allows field officers to onboard farmers directly into our web application by registering & geomapping farmland.
  • Field Officer has access to smart farming systems to all the farmers in his assigned territory.
  • This app to provide detailed reports/alerts/notifications of his network
  • Field Officer will also be provided access to farmer Ticket portal enabling seamless communication between backend team & farmer