Present state of cotton cultivation

Around 67% of India’s cotton is grown on rain-fed areas and 33% on irrigated area. In terms of productivity, India is on the 38th rank with yield of 510 kg/ha. With use of technology yield can be increased up to 2000-2100 kg/ha

Generally, vineyards do not require 100% ET replacement, because to do so often leads to excessive vine growth.

As high losses as 30- 50% have been reported in grapes due to improper water management.

Labour costs represent about 60% of annual variable costs for grape producers.

Though Fertilizer alone account for about 50% of total input costs, fertilizer use efficiency is very low in grapes.

Problem Statements

Over use of pesticides results in decrease in yield, deteriorated quality and reduced productivity of soil. Additionally the pest becomes increasingly resistant to chemical dosage.

Inability to manage water resources effectively due to depleting groundwater resources.

Inability to compete in global market because of average quality of cotton

Dependency on flood irrigation creates challenges with flowering, Ball development and ball opening and overall yield