How cultYvate optimizes Pomegranate Production

Globally, many countries have low productivity and quality of yield. For example, India stands first both in area and production, but has a very meager share of 6.4 % of the international pomegranate trade.

The average productivity of pomegranate in the world is 9.6 MT/ha wherein the highest productivity of 27 MT/ha could be achieved by technological intervention in pomegranate farming.

Pomegranate is characterized as fairly drought resistant, In fact, from a commercial point of view, it should not be considered as a drought-tolerant plant.

As high losses as 50- 80% have been reported in pomegranate due to improper water management.

How cultYvate optimizes Pomegranate Production

cultYvate systems enables farmers to induce water stress in flowering-fruiting stage in pomegranate, which also increases 30% water savings and reduces pruning costs.

Our fertigation systems prevents leaching of fertilizers beyond the root zone thereby saving 35-40% of fertilizers.

Our Smart Solutions could increase pomegranate yield from 15 kg to 28 kg per tree

Along with increased productivity, Farmers could reduce irrigation cost to 45% and also simultaneously save electricity by 28%