Social Impact

With the threat of food security looming over our heads , agriculture becomes an extremely important sector for survival. At the same time it is one of the sectors which significantly contributes to GHG emissions while also being extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This complexity in agriculture requires a very holistic handling of climate change activities since a huge population of farmers are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

At cultyvate we recognized this early on and our business model became inclusive, where we focused on bringing in improvements in the socio economic conditions of rural ecosystems as part of our project implementations. Our solutions are based on IoT sensors and remote sending enabled implementation of AWD & SRI methodologies. We involve local men and women for implementations activities and provide training and income for the entire cultivation lifecycle of paddy and other crops.

SDG Impact

SDG1 – Generate stable income through sustainable rice production.

SDG2 – Support farming communities in producing climate, smart rice cultivation and sustainable irrigation methods, And enhancing knowledge about agricultural production.

SDG6 – through sustainable water management practices in rice cultivation, water is efficiently used. Resulting in stable water supply.

SDG12 – ensure sustainable productions and production patterns.

SDG13 – fight climate change by avoiding CH4 emissions from continuously flooded patties.


SDG Dashboard