Present state of Banana Production

Average productivity of Grand Naine variety of banana in world is 20.35 tonnes/ha wherein productivity of 60 tonnes/ha is achieved by technological intervention in banana farming

Worldwide, water is the most limiting non-biological factor in banana production, and copious irrigation is required at all stages of growth.

An increase of 1% in organic matter in the top 30 cm of soil will hold an extra 62,000 L of water per hectare.

On many banana plantations, fungicides and insecticides are applied as many as forty times a year, amounting to a total use of nearly 44 kilograms per hectare.

Banana production is estimated to employ 40 % of the labour force.

How cultYvate optimizes Banana Production

Using cultYvate’s Smart Irrigation and Smart Fertigation solutions, we can help save at least 40% water and 30% fertilizer usage

Our solutions will ensure a significant increase in the total mass of the plant, improved phenological characteristics and bunch characteristics, higher fruit yield and quality of banana

cultYvate systems enable farmers to induce water stress in a flowering-fruiting stage in bananas, increasing water savings by 30% and reducing pruning costs.

Our fertigation systems prevents leaching of fertilizers beyond the root zone thereby saving 35-40% of fertilizers.

Our Smart Solutions could increase banana yield from 15 kg to 28 kg per tree

Along with increased productivity, Farmers could reduce irrigation cost to 45% and also simultaneously save electricity by 28%