How cultYvate optimizes Grapes Production

Globally, many countries have low productivity and quality of yield. The average productivity of grapes in the world is 9.8 tonnes/ha wherein the highest productivity of 21 tonnes/ha could be achieved by technological intervention in viticulture.

Generally, vineyards do not require 100% ET replacement, because to do so often leads to excessive vine growth.

As high losses as 30- 50% have been reported in grapes due to improper water management.

Labour costs represent about 60% of annual variable costs for grape producers.

Though Fertilizer alone account for about 50% of total input costs, fertilizer use efficiency is very low in grapes.

How cultYvate optimizes Grapes Production

cultYvate systems enable viticulturists to automate partial root drying (PRD) and regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) techniques in grape farming.

cultYvate Smart Irrigation and Smart Fertigation solutions help to sustain grape production by increasing grape productivity by 30%

Our solution ensures 50% water savings by reducing annual water application rate from 1.5 crore litre/hectare to 75 lakh litre/hectare.

Our solutions help you save electricity by 29% by also reducing 21% of pumping costs.