How cultYvate optimizes Sugarcane Production

Globally, many countries have low productivity and quality of yield. The average productivity of sugarcane in the world is 75 tonnes/ha wherein the highest productivity of 120 tonnes/ha could be achieved by technological intervention in the sugarcane field.

Shortage and high wages of labour rank first followed by water scarcity.

Generally, sugarcane crop requires 6- 36 irrigation cycle depending on tropical or subtropical regions.

Water stress during the grand growth reduces both total yields as well as sucrose yield.

There would be a 70% yield reduction in the drought-affected sugarcane field.

How cultYvate optimizes Sugarcane Production

cultYvate systems could easily impose water stress during the maturation phase which is a very important technique to increase sucrose yields.

Using cultYvate irrigation system, farmers are able to save water by 70% and also increase in yield by 50%.

Our systems have reduced 30% labour use and also brings down the total cost of sugarcane cultivation by 30%.