We provide IoT and Remote sensing-based precision analytics to farmers. Our offering is a full-stack digitization platform including hardware & software for Irrigation, Fertigation, and Polyhouse Automation.

Our data collection happens at three levels, IoT sensors in the soil, IoT weather station on the ground and satellite-based remote sensing.

Our crop, soil and climate-specific AI/ML algorithms identify thresholds breached for different types of data and either send advisories to farmers via mobile phones to start or stop irrigation or operate the systems automatically for irrigation and fertigation management.

Further, our software monitors farmer behaviour and ensures actions are performed with reminders / IVR calls to the farmers or with intervention from field staff.

Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) of carbon credit

Data Collection and Transmission:

IoT sensors gather real-time data on water levels in paddy fields and transmit it to a central database or cloud-based platform for analysis and reporting, ensuring continuous availability of current information to calculate carbon emissions on both dry and moist days.

Automated Reporting

IoT devices streamline the reporting of water levels by transmitting farmer/plot data directly to various stakeholders, thereby alleviating the administrative workload for organizations involved in carbon credit programs.

Customized irrigation schedule to control weed growth :

Our patented solution assists in adapting the irrigation schedule according to soil texture, effectively preventing weed growth in heavy soil. This, in turn, aids farmers in reducing their expenses on weed management while boosting their profits.

Transparency and Traceability:

The integration of IoT with Blockchain technology is frequently used to enhance transparency and traceability in the MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) of carbon credits. This combination securely records emission reductions and credit transfers, ensuring the credibility of carbon credits.

Real-Time Auditing

Our intelligent verification tool allows project developers and auditors to remotely verify water levels in paddy fields while collaborating with field officers and farmers, enhancing real-time data access and more efficient verification, thereby reducing audit time and costs.

Fraud Prevention

IoT plays a crucial role in preventing fraudulent activity reports that can result in the creation of counterfeit carbon credits. By continuously monitoring dry and moist days and rigorously validating data, it provides carbon credit buyers with increased confidence in the genuineness of the generated carbon credits.

Real-Time Compliance

IoT can aid in real-time compliance monitoring, notifying organizations when they are approaching the risk of not meeting their carbon reduction goals. This allows for swift corrective actions and minimizes the likelihood of non-compliance.

Enroll in our carbon program.
Simple five-step process


Enter farmer and farm details in cultYvate’s mobile app


Scan the QR code on cultYvate’s AWD sensor and provide consent


Capture the installation using the mobile app


Follow the advisory sent periodically through the app


Collect carbon credits every paddy season

Salient Features

Customized irrigation schedule for each farm based on the soil type and crop usage

Integrated real-time data from on field IoT sensors and above ground remote sensing and weather feeds

No “cable tangle” – wireless solution for quick integration with existing drip irrigation installations

Cloud-based control and adjustments of parameters by farmers using their own smartphone

24×7 monitoring and access to entire irrigation status via smartphone app or feature phone