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Science and technology have pervaded every sphere of our lives. How could the agriculture sector, the producer of our food basket, stay unaffected? As a result of a series of brainstormings the agri-business enterprises today are coming up with IOT mobile apps to augment the efficacy of farming practices in India. One such avant-garde company is cultYvate. With its smart irrigation system and advanced app, the company is looking towards altering the lives of farmers. Are you keen to know the benefits you can derive by using such an application? This blog discusses how and in what ways the mobile apps empower and assist farmers like you in boosting their crop production.

Here are some benefits of using cultYvate’s IoT-powered app

1. Analyzing crop nutrient deficiency on mobile– cultYvate’s smart nutrition system entails the use of automated devices and pumps which measure fertigation needs of crops accurately. Moreover, with a smartphone in hand, it shall become a cakewalk for you to monitor crops’ nutritional needs even from a distance. Along with receiving daily alerts, you can also access customized fertigation schedules for your crops from your phone. With this IoT app at your fingertips, nutritious produce is guaranteed.

2. Daily weather alerts– There is no greater tragedy than losing your crops to the vagaries of rainfall. Since precaution is always better than cure, you can give cultYvate’s IoT app a try to get daily weather forecasts. These alerts shall prepare you to take necessary steps beforehand thereby averting any crisis at the farmland. Remember, utilizing cultYvate’s system can usher in quality produce ensuring high revenues for you.

3. Seek expert advice– Have you detected pest infestation in your crop? You can now get experts’ advice on solving the issue at a faster rate. All you have to do is to record your concern along with sharing a picture of the crop through the IoT app and get useful consultation within just 4 hours. It does not require a saying that with this mobile doctor at your disposal, your farmland shall boast of pest-free nutritive crop output.

4. Smart irrigation feature– The said app empowers you with its smart irrigation control feature. It curbs your requirement to be present on the field for catering to the irrigational requirements of crops. With just a few taps on the screen, you can control and monitor watering at the farmland through the app. It does not require a saying that you will be at a win-win situation by engaging cultYvate’s smart irrigation and farming systems.

Conclusion- cultYvate’s smart farming techniques are a silver lining for farmers fighting pest and nutritional issues at their croplands. To minimize hassles and maximize crop production, you can get started with the app at the earliest. Reach Us At:

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