make your small farm smart wit the aid of IOT Technology

With the global population increasing at a frenetic pace, the pressure on land, especially when it comes to agriculture, is growing as well. The increase in population is leading to a reduction in land holding per person. No wonder land shrinkage has severely impacted the crop production cycles in India. Given the existing scenario, farmers are at their wits’ end searching for the means to enhance crop production. So, as a farmer, are you looking at ways to improve crop management in your farmland? It is now high time you gave up on conventional agricultural practices and adopted smart farming practices. By taking the assistance of cultYvate, the noted agri-tech company, you can utilize their IoT (Internet of Things) based farming automation technology.

1. Measuring soil moisture- With cultYvate’s smart irrigation farming in place, you can stay far away and still receive soil moisture alerts on your smartphone. As the smart electronic valves, water meters and soil sensors work in tandem, the system can sense soil moisture and decide the requirement of watering in the farmland. This clearly means that the system functions well without human intervention. Therefore, it saves your time and precious resources while securing maximum crop yield.

2. Keeping track of water used- The growing depletion of water resources has sent a wave of shock worldwide. Given this alarming crisis, you sure want to be a part of a sustainable agricultural practice, don’t you? This is where using cultYvate’s smart irrigation system can come to your help. Its advanced gadgets keep track of water used and saved. Moreover, the option of smart irrigation control from smartphone shall empower you to control the watering of your farmland even from a distance.

3. Satellite images of the crop- If you are not being able to be present on the farm, you do not have much to worry about as the installed satellites can capture the latest pictures of your crops. You can check the plot level images with precision on your smartphone. Needless to say, smart farming technology keeps you updated with the changes occurring across the crops’ growth stages.

Conclusion- A sustainable agricultural practice is not a far fetched objective anymore. By deploying cultYvate’s smart farming and irrigation systems, you can ensure a higher revenue generation and increased nutritious produce. Reach Us At:

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