How Cultyvate optimizes Paddy Production


Globally, many countries have low productivity and quality of yield. The average productivity of rice in the world is 4.6 tonnes/ha wherein the highest productivity of 6.8 tonnes/ha could be achieved by technological intervention in viticulture.

Paddy cultivation consumes 85% of the water used in agriculture.

Paddy rice cultivation generates 20% of methane gas emissions worldwide.

Paddy cultivation is also estimated to emit greenhouse gases of 500 million tons per year.

Moisture stress at active tillering phase results in 30% yield reduction and in reproductive phase almost 50 – 60% yield reduction is noticed.

How cultYvate optimizes Paddy Production

  • cultYvate smart advisory system is designed to automate alternate wet and dry method in paddy farms and hence water-saving up to 500 litres of water per kilogram of rice
  • Our smart irrigation systems also help farmers to deploy the SRI method of cultivation by automating the drip irrigation system in a paddy field
  • Smart Systems helps in protecting plants against pests/diseases with a 70% reduction in pest incidence.
  • These 2 systems for paddy has been deployed to increase paddy yield by 52% which also reduces methane emission by 73 %.
  • Cost of production is decreased by 24% and farmers have gained 59% increase in their net income.