cultYvate's AWD IoT based Irrigation Advisory solution has enabled Punjab farmers to save up to 40% water and increase their yield and quality appreciably


  • 20%

    Farm Input Reduced
  • 12%

    Increased Yield
  • 50%

    Water Saved
  • 15%

    Fuel Saved

cultYvate has partnered with CIPT ( Centre for International Projects Trust) to enable Punjab farmers with precision insights for paddy cultivation


Punjab has the distinction of being the highest producer of rice at 11%, however, there is overdrawing of underground water as farmers use a large quantity of water to grow rice using traditional methods. It is said that Punjab could become a desert again if countermeasures to reduce water usage are not taken.


Cultyvate’s AWD IoT sensor & cloud farm advisory solution is helping Punjab paddy farmers. When moisture levels drop in the soil, the farmer receives an SMS message to irrigate the field. Once soil moisture reaches the appropriate level another message is sent to the farmer to stop the irrigation.

This precise advice to farmers lets the fields dry up and flood alternatively, thus saving up to 50% water. Lesser irrigation cycles help the farmer save on fuel for generators and save on electricity. Optimal watering creates less crop stress and hence results in healthier crops that require lesser pesticide and produce better yield and quality of rice. Precision watering also reduces Methane GHG emissions by up to 60% and enables the farmers to earn carbon credits as an additional income.