cultYvate’s polyhouse automation solution helped a large scale supplier of exotic plants and saplings supply consistent quality


  • 8%

    Savings in electricity
  • 100%

    Savings in labour
  • 24 * 7

    Monitoring of ambient conditions
  • 100%

    Real time alerting

cultYvate partnered with a large-scale supplier of exotic plants and saplings to manage the microclimate of polyhouse for delivering consistent quality


Exotic plants require special attention during cultivation. Optimal temperature and humidity have to be maintained to harden the plants over a period of 6 months to reduce the chances of crop damage due to high variations in temperature and humidity.


cultYvate’s SMART polyhouse solution provides temperature and humidity sensors to measure continuously in real-time. The ambient conditions were managed automatically ensuring the required ideal microclimate conditions were maintained 24 * 7. without any human intervention.

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