Mallesh Founder & CEO


Mallesh is a serial entrepreneur who has spent close to 18 years with multiple ventures in the Agri sustainability domain. Prior to that, he has spent 15 years in technology working at marquee IT majors such as Accenture and Wipro. 

Cultyvate is his Agritech brainchild built to disrupt the farming ecosystem and make it sustainable for the entire value chain. He has managed to blend technology & automation with science-based farming techniques using IOT, AI / ML models.

He is one of the pioneers who firmly believed that farming can be a profitable venture and quit his high-end tech job to pursue his passion. He is a recognized thought leader in the agritech space and an invited speaker to various industry events. 

At Cultyvate he has conceptualised end to end solutions that minimise farmer manual intervention in handling irrigation and fertigation scientifically while generating maximum outputs with significantly optimised inputs of water, fuel, labour and manure.