smart fertigation system

The farmer of today requires to adopt an intensive use of technology to produce higher yield from the same piece of land. Additionally, it is important that the input cost in agriculture remains low so that profitability is not affected. To achieve the twin goals of improving crop yield and keeping the cost under control, the farmer should make use of cutting edge technology such as the smart fertigation system.

This system allows the farmer to use fertilizers in his or her field in an optimum way. The advantages of this system are described below for your ready reference.

1) The accuracy of fertilizer input: One of the major advantages of using this system in the field is to use fertilizer optimally. Modern fertigation systems come with sophisticated injectors. These injectors allow you to regulate the amount of fertilizer you wish to use in your field. This reduces the chance of high use of fertilizer thereby reducing the input cost and also preventing a pH imbalance in the soil.

2) Accurate nutrient mix: Smart fertigation system allows you to provide an accurate nutrient mix for your crop. It helps you to regulate the flow of fertilizer and gives you the option of accurately providing nutrients that are important to ensure a healthy crop growth in the right proportion. Additionally, the fertigation system allows you to mix the fertilizer with water making it easier for the nutrients to reach every plant uniformly. This will go a long way in improving your crop yield leading to greater profitability.

3) The right timing: The system is extremely useful in providing the right amount of fertilizer at the right time of plant growth. Plants need fertilizers at different rates in different stages of their growth. This system allows you to regulate the release of fertilizer to the standing crop at different rates in sync with the plant growth. This is far more economical than other methods of fertilizer input; mainly through broadcast or band application method.

4) Customized way of fertilizer application: The fertigation system gives you the option of providing fertilizers at different rates in different sections of a field. In a single field, there may be variation in crop, soil content or growth stage. All these require different quantum of fertilizers for optimum crop yield. The fertigation system is of great help in such a situation. You can customize the application of fertilizer for different sections of the field at different times as per your requirement.

Conclusion: These are just some of the advantages of using smart fertigation system. In addition to these, the system allows you to check the nutrient requirement of your soil, accurate weather prediction, monitoring of crop growth, and many more. With the increased use of sensor and trackers, smart fertigation system is the future of agricultural management that will help improve your ROI significantly.

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